Catering system

Identification cards can be used for cashless payments in many catering facilities - company canteens, hotels and restaurants. With software components, it is possible to enable meal deduction payments.

Catering system includes following hardware components
  • meal reservation terminals
  • meal distribution terminals
  • keyboard terminals for POS registers in order-free mode

Meal distribution Final price of the catering unit and the calculation formula are both defined in the catering system. Discounts and grants are applied to this price by the catering model. All financial transactions are done on the boarder's account, which is added to the catering model and filled with initial deposit or covered by a loan from the employer. The boarder can draw from his account to its zero value (without the loan) or to its covered minus value (with the loan). Clearance is done monthly by deduction from the boarder's salary.

Canteen In the ordering system, meals are ordered on the ordering terminals in a canteen or remotely on an intranet website. The boarder opens the account by putting the identification card on the terminal and then chooses from the meal list with the help of a numerical keyboard. Meals can be ordered up to 30 days in advance and meal list can contain up to 16 meals. Distribution of ordered meals is realized by distribution terminal or through the POS register and different additional items can be added to the offer. After putting the identification card on the terminal, meal name is displayed on the terminal screen. Catering attendant then confirms giving out the meal by pushing a button and the terminal shows current meal balance.

Key application features
  • differentiate prices by boarder's membership to company or group
  • differentiate number and value of grants by operation type - number of shifts
  • interactive arrangement of meal list for arbitrary number of days in advance, with control of repeatedly used meals
  • choice of different meals for one day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) with arbitrary number of variants
  • database of used meals divided into chosen number of courses (meat dishes, vegetables, soups, …)
  • registration of multiple orders (sportsmen, visits, …)
  • setting maximum number of ordered meals
  • setting different prices for every meal
  • issue of cards on high security level
  • closing the boarder's account for wage department
  • register number of ordered meals for a given time period (day, week)
  • connection to application software "Kitchen and buffet management"



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