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Attendance system Kriváň

Attendance system Kriváň is used to register and process attendance of employees. It has interface to other information systems (ATHOS, DATALOCK, Elanor, Emel, HOUR, IBM DASSCO, KODAS, KROS Olymp, Navision, OptimalSoft, ProCes, SAP R/3, SOFTIP, VEMA, ...). It is designed for all organizations - from state administration through banks to companies. Data is stored in the SQL database on server (MS SQL Server, Oracle 8i, Sybase SQL Anywhere) and thus enables distributed processing in computer network. Thin client eKriváň, application for intranet, can be also used to process and view the attendance.

Attendance system Kriváň Key features
  • registers of employees (adding, editing, cancelling, archiving, printing of groups)
  • assigning of cards to employees
  • monitoring of current employee presence
  • individual setting of work calendar for each employee
  • calculation of worked hours and recording overtime
  • calculation of weekly and monthly worked hours
  • automatic corrections for late arrival or early departure
  • evaluation of a half-day leave
  • recording, calculation and separation of work interruptions (basic and additional), easily configurable influence on worked hours
  • monitoring of work interruptions
  • collective setting of presences (chief staff) and absences to attendance registers
  • automatic record generation in case of a long-time absence ( sickness, taking care of a family member, holiday)
  • opportunity to mark chosen employees, whose attendance record is not processed according to data recorded on terminals
  • registration and division of worked time by shifts
  • calculation of bonus for afternoon and night work, work on weekends and holidays
  • compensations for not-working holidays
  • generation of danger bonus and manual editing of bonuses in crowns, hours or percentage
  • calculation of balance(compensatory leave and missing hours) for a given date and its automatic conversion to next month
  • output arrangements to printer and .xls or .txt files (attendance registers, cards of attendance in organization, list of workers, record of bonuses and absences)
  • detail investigation of processor's work
  • monthly archiving of attendance registers with possibility of repeated viewing and printing

Attendance system Kriváň is built on former attendance system ATTEND/W. It co-operates with identification system WIS/K, which is recording employee's attendance data in the database.



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