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Day 13.8.2005 enter into force on the law on waste. 223/2001Zb., Which requires manufacturers, importers respectively electric and electronic equipment a number of new responsibilities. The Act lays down rules for the prevention of waste and the handling thereof, while respecting the environment, human health and sustainable development.

Among the basic obligations of producers and importers are to ensure a return products, respectively, separate collection, the further processing and use of materials. At the same Act requires manufacturers to design and manufacture products so that in future facilitate their removal and use of other materials. The company WEGA LH, Ltd. these obligations addressed by engaging in collective system SEWA. The law allows manufacturers to cover the financial costs demonstrably incurred for mandatory collection and disposal of EEE increase prices for products placed on the market after 13.8.2005 (hereinafter referred to as recycling fee), the price of the product is increased by an amount corresponding to the value of recycling fee (the fee invisible). Recycling fee will be charged and thus further resellers in selling equipment to the end consumer. Funding obtained this way will our society then pay a contribution to a collective system, which will ensure the fulfillment of obligations by the manufacturer. Height recycling fee for different categories of EEE and how recycling fee will be collected, reported and published on the website of the companies operating collective collection.

In agreement with the buyers company WEGA LH, Ltd. provide free take-back of EEE. Products spoločosti WEGA LH, Ltd. passed in a return must include all major components and devices, and must not be damaged to represent health risks.

Products listed company WEGA LH, Ltd. the market will be marked in accordance with the Waste Act prescribed a graphic symbol (crossed-out waste basket).


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