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Communication unit TCP/IP-RS485

The communication unit TCP/IP 10/100 Mbps is made for fast and simple integration of devices with a serial output to networks of the Ethernet type. It enables conversion from the RS 485  interface into TCP/IP and back. 

The RS485 interface is led into the connector and for Ethernet access connector RJ45 (10/100BASE-T) is available. The conversion unit is powered by 15 V DC/1000mA network adapter. Power supply adapter is a part of the conversion unit package.

Versions of the TCP/IP-RS485 communication unit


Technical parameters

Dimensions 85 mm x 55 mm x 25 mm
Ethernet module WIZNET W7 100A
Power supply 9 – 50 DC, standardly supplied adapter 15V DC/1A
Soft protection – power supply 600W 10/1000us
Protocol TCP, IP, UDP, ARP, ICMP, Ethernet MAC, Telnet TFTP, HTTP, SNMP 
Network interface – auto detection 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
Serial port RS485 - half duplex
Transmitter control – RS 485 TxD signal
Supported signals N1TxD, RxD
Data format 8N1
Data flow control None
Transfer speed 115 kb/s
Configuration Telnet login
RS485 separation 1kV
RS485 connector SH - pull on
Ethernet connector RJ45
Supply connector plug 1,3 mm
Optical indication link activity
Input power max. 2 w


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